Our Quality

OUR STANDARDS IN ‘OPTIMAL WINGS’ TRANSPORT AND TOURISM: Depends on the strong apply of the weekly standards which come under the title of “Weekly follow-up model”. Then record it to be assessed at the end of the month. We also pay great attention to security standards during the whole period [...]

Our Values

Truthfulness and honesty with the customers. Obedience with public customs and growth of service. [...]

Our Objective

Achieve an integrated transport and this is where we began. Provide revived tourism services according to the atmosphere of the Sultanate [...]

Our Services

Delivering tourism services to our customers. Multiple cards under the title (This is Oman) “ Golden Card – Silver Card – Violet Card” Tourism rounds and integrated programs and journeys. Mashaweeri (My treks) Card. Drive Me Card Daily, weekly and monthly transportation services. Buses Hire. Delivering land shipping card in [...]